The Need

One in every six middle school children in the U.S will be bullied this year. I was in the 6th grade when I was bullied, but instead of being a victim, I became stronger. I became an advocate and a champion, and I became determined to help others.

The Program

Positive Pocket has programs for schools all around the nation with ready-to-use curriculum and materials that any teacher or counselor can use. It educates students on how they can control their self-esteem, self-confidence, and influence them on the importance of standing up for themselves and each other.


I created Positive Pocket in 2011 in response to a bullying incident which left me feeling sad, angry, embarrassed, upset, and anxious. That night, I went on the computer, typed up some of my favorite positive sayings and included some pictures that I liked – ones that made me feel good. I printed them out, put clear tape over it so they wouldn’t rip, and placed them in my jean pocket. The next day, when I was feeling anxious or down, I discretely pulled out my card, read it to myself to remind myself that I’m alright, and placed it back in my pocket. Do you know what? It worked! I had rediscovered my strength, and self-confidence within me!



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